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Star Wars Woodblocks

As a huge Star Wars fan, I cannot wait to see the new film. Since the Disney acquisition, the Star Wars brand is everywhere. What once was h
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Thinking Blue / Serge Saint0

cool_stuff / 1

Part of being a marketing professional requires you to be up to date on trends, technologies, content, etc. Even if marketing wasn’t my prof
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Jack White Interactive Video

Great artist, record and video. Enjoy.
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Projection Mapping

Great installation by Paradigme.
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Ishtar from Marta Di Francesco on Vimeo. Sometimes you come across things that are just too cool to not pay attention to. Ishtar: Inspired b
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Cathedrals   Unbound  Official Music Video    YouTube0


Great creative use of LED. Kudos to The Cathedrals.
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3D Cast Photo: Jake Evill0

3D Printing

I'm fascinated with 3D printing. A ton of creatives are playing with the idea of creating all types of products from toys to houses that can
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Fuck Committees

(I believe in lunatics) It’s about the struggle between individuals with jagged passion in their work and today’s faceless corporate committ
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Full size reissue of the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual. by Jesse Reed   Hamish Smyth — Kickstarter0

NYC Transit Authority

1970 NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual Simple, yet brilliant. Support.
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Ideate / I come up with ideas.
Create / I develop these ideas.
Execute / I bring these ideas to life.

I’m a dynamic marketing professional with 20 years of successful integrated marketing strategy experience, dedicated to problem-solving, delivering projects with creativity on budget and on schedule.